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GT Live!

Reservations have been made at the hotel, the tickets are on their way, and airfare resides at my house. Oh yeah We are goin to JGTC and D1 Grand Prix. We will be making like a fetus and heading out on the 16th of December and return on the 20th of December.



This one is more like a 40/60, but I think we can go if we are really motivated. The purposed time to go is sometime in April. There are rumors we can get airfare for 600 Round Trip. Then all we have to find is a hotel or host family. Maybe we can stay at a ryokan.



Should probably happen around June 2005, because it was in June last year. Will probably be a two day trip this time. Last year was one night stay, the event, and driving home afterwards... was kinda a pain in the rear.


HIN Chicago

HIN Chicago is supposedly pretty big, and I think it would be a good time had by all.... or most. Will Probably involve an Overnight stay.


HIN Cleveland

We had a good time this year, so we will probably go back. Stephen should be 18 now, so we can go to the after party! Yay!