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..:: About Us ::..

    All of the guys that are currently in Love Tap have known each other for quite some time, despite the team just coming together in December of 2004. We have been involved in the car scene in Ashland, Kentucky for quite some time. Dustin started out in a team called "Team Redline Racing." After about a year and a half, the team disbanded with no hard feelings, just constant things that kept them from performing as the team they wanted to be. Eric came into the picture later that year, joining a team called "project|impact." That team too failed to take off. Dustin had went to school with Stephen and the two were good friends. When Stephen began asking questions, Dustin was more than glad to help. Soon the three of them began hanging out on a regular basis. Basically they had been forming the bond a team needed, but had not formally named themselves. Then one night while running US 23, Eric wrecked his b16a powered 95 Civic EX. After a recovery and finding the car was totaled they began to search for a new shell to transplant his components into. They began to talk about their wreck experiences (we all know that anyone who drives hard is going to eventually wreck, just watch JGTC, D1, and other forms of racing, even dare I say NASCAR *shudder*) They had come to the conclusion they had all totaled out a vehicle (or more in Dustin's case) and that they would take the name Love Tap (a love tap is a gentle hit showing affection, hence the name which induces a slight comical notion). They are currently wanting to step up the bar on the tuner scene, and show that import cars can and do compete against the best made cars on the streets. Please use this website to track their activities.